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My name is Robert Samuel Baker, Bachelor of Natural Resources, (Hons,). I was born in 1965 in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. For most of my working life I have worked as a Boilermaker/Welder in light and heavy industries including defence, mining, mineral processing, irrigated and dryland agriculture, civil infrastructure, building and construction industries.

I became concerned about climate change in the mid 1990s and so began to casually research the issue. By 2005 I was convinced that Anthropogenic (man-made) climate change is the most serious threat that humanity has ever faced, so as a concerned human I decided to try to do something about it.

Having come from a practical engineering background, I was aware that there were no practical obstacles to totally powering Australia with renewable energy - ie coal fired power stations can be converted to solar thermal 'baseload' power stations with zero greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon neutral bio-fuels can be cleanly synthesised from algal biomass etc.

However I realised that to effectively address the manifold problems of climate change, more knowledge and much more understanding of how Earth systems and artificial systems work and and interact was required. So I enrolled in a Bachelor of Natural Resources Degree at the University of New England (UNE) in 2005.

In 2008 I completed my honours thesis (as an undergraduate - the B' Nat' Res' Degree had an integrated Honours option) and I Graduated in April 2010 with 1st Class Honours.

My hobbies are; bushwalking, tree planting and associated revegetation work, and attempting to control noxious weeds and feral animals.

I am currently trying to complete a PhD (see top of webpage 'Projects' on this site) so I do not have time to deal with extra correspondence, when I do have time I will provide contact details.

Please note: From a 'Problem solving' viewpoint, Anthropogenic Climate Change is best understood as just one symptom of Anthropogenic planetary degredation.

Authors Honours Thesis, contains important background information, for a pdf copy(4.63MB) click here

Melbourne Universities Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA)(by 2020) report, which supports my thesis choice of primary energy supply systems and costs the basic systems. Note: my thesis (completed in 2008)did not include the depth of technical detail contained in the ZCA however my thesis scope was much broader and addressed the issues of carbon neutral transitional fuels and chemical feedstocks, sustainable and reliable water supply, and also describes how we can directly moderate regional and national climate without having to wait for international consensus. Will find new active link later.

Essential Reading, source: Mcalpine et al. (2007)

Major vegetation change in Australia since European settlement, source: Carnahan et. al. (1990), can no longer locate map online

Australia's recent rainfall trends, source: BOM